• Kubbi – Circuithead chiptune music "Circuithead is an odyssey through hard hitting grooves, catchy melodies and relaxing atmospheres."
  • Mushbits puzzle flash games "Mushbits is a simple and simply adorable puzzle game about creating paths for rabbits to reach the colour of mushroom that matches them."
  • CP6 jump'n'run flash games "CP6 is a knee-less sprite, though, so he'll have to rely on the functions of the platforms around him to make up for his lack of jump-age."
  • Crash Bandicoot In Real Life! video games "This was made as a tribute to the great Crash series and its creators!"
  • Starpilot – Energies I chiptune music "The entire trilogy plays around with the theme of energies. The concept that everything is energy. Every thought, every intent, every feeling, every element, every particle, everything."

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